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Question no. 5899A/07-03-2011

Memoriul domnului Duma Niculae.

Information regarding the interpellation

Recording no.: 5899A
Recording date: 07-03-2011
Presentation date: 07-03-2011
Forwarding date: 09-03-2011
Addresing mode: written
Author: Mircia Giurgiu - member of the Chamber of Deputies PD-L
Question for: Ministerul Apărării Naționale
in attention: domnului Gabriel Oprea - Ministru
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Requested answer: written and oral
Information regarding the answer

Recording no.: 1074
Recording date: 06-04-2011
Answer type: written
Answer from: Ministerul Apărării Naționale
comunicat de: domnul Gabriel Oprea - Ministru
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