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Napoleon POP
Curriculum Vitae

Personal data

Date and place of birth: 3 February 1945, Ramnicu Valcea, Valcea County
Civil status: married, 2 children

Education; scientific degrees

Faculty of Foreign Trade (1967) - Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest;
PhD in economics, speciality: International Relationships (1981, Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest)

Political activity

member of the PD;
member of the PNL;
January 2002 - November 2002 vice-president of the Coordination and Management Committee of the Bucharest Municipality PNL Branch;
president of the Committee for Foreign Policy and European Integration;
1990-1992 secretary of state, head of the Foreign Trade Department, Ministry of Trade and Tourism;
1993-1994 secretary of state, head of the European Integration Department in the Government of Romania

Parliamentary activity

since 2000, member of the Committee for Economic Policy, Reform, and Privatisation ;
president of the Delegation of the Parliament of Romania to the Central-European Initiative - Parliamentary Dimension ;
member of the Romania-United Kingdom and Romania-Iran friendship parliamentary groups

Professional activities

Profession: economist
1967 -1976 scientific researcher with the World Economics Institute;
1971-1977 visiting professor with the Post-High-School Foreign Trade School, Bucharest;
1977 -1980 head of the Department Countries with Market Economy, World Economics Institute;
1981-1989 head of the Office of Documentary Information for Foreign Trade, World Economics Institute;
1989-1990 scientific director of the World Economics Institute and director of the Economic Information Centre;
1994-1996 chairman and managing director of the World Trade Center, Bucharest;
1996-1998 adviser minister with the Embassy of Romania, Washington;
May 1998 - November 2000 director of programmes with the World Trade Center, Bucharest

Books and papers published

A Predictive Econometric Model on the Overall Export Volume of Romania, "Probleme economice" no. 11/1968 (co-author);
World Economic Crisis, 1986 (co-author) ;
Project for a Strategy of the Romania - USA Relationships (1996) ;
Proposal for a Project Supporting the Achievement of the National Security Objective the USA and NATO Enlargement Are Parties to (1996);
Immediate Priorities in Developing the Bilateral Economic Relations Romania USA, with Impact on the USA's Political Decision for Romania's Accession to NATO (1996);
National Structures and Efforts for Romania's Accession to NATO (1996) ;
A Preferential Relationship Romania-USA-Israel (1996);
Romania's Relationships with the Ukraine from the viewpoint of Romania's Accession to NATO (1996) ;
Romania in NATO: Stimulating a Political Decision of the Alliance in Favour of Romania (1997) ;
Pro-American Attitude and Actions Meant to Make the American Partner See It in a Correct Way (1997);
Tactical Perspective of the Correlation Normal Relation - Trust Relation - Strategic Partnership Relation between the USA and Romania (1997);
Priorities in Romania-USA Relations; A Personal Point of View (1997);
Business Tourism (1998). Economics and Security (1998);
Cooperation between the Central European and East-European Countries (1998);
Taxes between Reason and Despair (1998);
What Is Wrong with Us? (1999);
An Impasse that Needs to Be Overcome (1999);
National Security Policy and Economic Policy (1999) ;
Why a National Economic Strategy? (1999) ;
For a Strategy of Romania's Economic Reconstruction (1999);
Economic and Business Environment (1999) ;
Budget Rationality (1999) ;
NATO 1999 (1999) ;
Again a Dangerous Approach to Economics (2000) ;
Economic Restructuring (2000);
For a Strategy of Romania's Economic Reconstruction (2000) ;
The Romanian Owners' Associations: Whereto? (2000) ;
The Label of Collaborating with the IMF (2000);
Citizen versus State Institutions (2000);
Economic Environment and Bureaucracy (2000);
The Need for a Real Social Democracy (2000);
State of Normality (2000);
Dualism of the Romanian Economy (2000);
Privatisation in Romania (2001)

Languages skills

English, French, Italian

Address of the MP's office

Bucharest, str. N. Iorga nr. 1-3, sector 1
Telephone: parliamentary group 312.41.83 fax, standing committee 402.11.00, deputy's office 0722.208.153

Postal address: Palatul Parlamentului, str.Izvor nr.2-4, sect.5, Bucharest, Romania monday, 8 august 2022, 5:21
Telephone: +40213160300, +40214141111