Andrei Ioan CHILIMAN
Curriculum Vitae

Personal data

Date and place of birth: 18 July 1947, Bucharest
Civil status: married, 2 children

Education; scientific degrees

Faculty of Engineering-Computers - Polytechnic University, Bucharest

Political activity

since December 1989 member of the PNL;
1990 PNL executive secretary;
1990-1993 member of the PNL-AT Executive Committee;
1993-2001 member of the PNL Central Standing Bureau;
2001-2002 vice-president

Parliamentary activity

deputy, since 1996 ;
1996-2000 vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies;
in 2000 secretary of the Chamber of Deputies;
2000 - 2002 quaestor of the Chamber of Deputies;
member of the Committe for Foreign Policy

Professional activities

Profession: engineer
general director of the CAFC - SRL trading company, Bucharest

Languages skills

English, French, German

Address of the MP's office

Bucharest, bd. Balcescu nr. 21
e-mail: ichiliman@cdep. ro
Telephone: parliamentary group 315.52.43, 402.10.79, deputy's office 314.77.65